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Walk confidently with a pair of beautiful legs, As the saying goes, give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world! High heels are the secret weapon to accentuate a woman’s body curvatures. A pair of heels not only increases one’s height, but also gives women a confidence boost, leaving them gleaming with an aura of grace and elegance. The OSIM uStiletto’s ‘S-Tone Airbags’ and ‘S-Care Rollers’ provide a thorough and pampering massage for your legs. You can now indulge in your well-cherished stilettos, live life to the fullest and exude the confidence and beauty of a modern woman.


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Elegant,Exuding an aura of sophistication, ‘Elegant’ exemplifies grace and confidence. She possesses a unique and exquisite taste, enjoying the best things life has to offer.The ‘Elegant’ takes charge of her own life. Not only is she every man’s dream girl, she is also the exemplar that women look up to. Life motto: A woman’s calling is to be confident and gorgeous.
‘Homemaker’ has a caring and sensitive nature that brings warmth and joy to the people around her. Her passion lies in culinary art, home décor and hospitality, providing loved ones with a sense of comfort and belonging.
The ‘Homemaker’ treasures and values relationships. She especially loves hosting friends at home with her cooking.
Life motto: There’s no place like home.

The secret for beauty and confidence
Having stunning, healthy and beautiful legs can be easy and hassle-free. Slip into the uStiletto daily, anytime round the clock for attractive legs.

Tips for beautiful legs
• Apply moisturizing lotion and exfoliate your legs regularly; complete with a good leg massage for healthier and smoother skin.
Beauty from the inside out
• ‘Reflexology’ massage programStimulate vital reflex points to enhance circulation and the curative effects of the massage.

Gradual awakening
• ‘Pamper’ massage program Gently awaken your legs to welcome the start of a brand new day.
After a long day of wearing stilettos
• ‘Relief’ massage programReduce the stress and tension accumulated on your legs and ankles.
• ‘Beauty’ massage programTone and shape your legs to restore its vitality and glamour.
Pre-bedtime beauty relaxation
• ‘Sleep’ massage programRelax your body and mind for a restful beauty sleep.

5 beautifying leg massage programs

uStiletto’s auto massage programs strive to allow every woman to put on her favorite stilettos in comfort, and to take each stride with confidence and pride.

Daily pampering for your legs
1. Pamper –  A combination of gentle and comfortable massage techniques to soothe any discomfort that arises from wearing stilettos. It is the perfect choice for users new to leg massage.
2. Relief – Emulating the agile kneading and pressing massage techniques of a professional masseuse, this program relieves the tension accumulated on tired legs and ankles after a day of walking on stilettos.
3. Beauty – Intense airbag massage improves circulation and metabolism in the legs, achieving healthier and beautiful legs that you have always desired.
4. Reflexology –  Its strong reflexology massage helps to improve metabolism for better well-being, giving you a healthy glow that shines from the inside out.
5. Sleep –  The ideal pre-bedtime massage to ease tension accumulated over the day and prepare the body and mind for a restful good night’s sleep.

Cutting- edge technology, makes beautifying legs a breeze

S-Tone Airbags
The airbags are strategically positioned so that they can massage your ankles, soles and calves separately. Intense airbag massage effectively melts away the tension caused by wearing stilettos, relieving muscle aches and strains for lighter footsteps.
S-Care Rollers
The reflex rollers situated on the toes, ankles and arches of the feet stimulate vital reflex points, relieving pressure that builds up in these areas while encouraging positive flow of energy throughout the body for better health and well-being.

Personalized massage experience and pampering features
Adjustable intensity – Choose the airbags intensity (Lo, Mid, Hi) according to your preference.
Customizable rollers speed – Adjust the speed of the rolling massage (Lo, Hi, Pulse) that suits you best.
Soothing warmth – Effectively soothes muscle ache and boosts the curative effects of a pampering leg massage.
Hygienic and convenient – Removable and washable inner fabric lining for better hygiene.
Stretchable and fitting – Expandable socks that fit snuggly on your legs for maximum comfort.
Light and portable – Easy to move around, so that you can have a pampering leg massage anytime, anywhere.

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4 Pushpa Ustiletto Bro R02 Bk Cs5.ai

4 Pushpa Ustiletto Bro R02 Bk Cs5.ai

4 Pushpa Ustiletto Bro R02 Bk Cs5.ai

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