uDiva 2P Smart Sofa

uDiva 2P Smart Sofa

The newly improved smart multi-functional one-seater sofa, designed for your me-time enjoyment while allowing togetherness with your loved ones.

Product Price
₹ 225000 ₹ 195000

(Inclusive of all taxes)


We are a leading retailer trader of OSIM udiva 2 smart sofa full body massage chair with 8 modes reclined leg & back massage, osim Udiva 2p smart massage zero gravity 4d robotic massage chair with 720 roller balls balls, osim Udiva 2p smart massage chair zero gravity recline massage chair and udiva2 massage chair.

  • VERSATILE IN NATURE: Udiva 2p smart Sofa with full body massage chair allows you to choose from 8 different modes for relaxing the muscles of the whole body.
  • LIFESTYLE TABLE: Featuring a lifestyle side table with 2 USB Ports you can place and charge devices such as Mobile,fan,LED mirror,humidifire and more- all to better cater to your lifestyle needs.
  • CONVERTIBLE FOOTREST: Udiva 2p smart Sofa Recliner Chair with massager has a convertible footrest that allows you to transform it into a sofa, leg massager and ottoman modes. With this all your leg muscles tensions gets relieved leaving you in a happy mode.
  • HYBRID POWER-Ball Massage Technology: uDiva 2 Smart Sofa body luxury massage chair comes with hybrid power ball massage therapy that reduces stiffness and relaxes all the muscles of head, back and shoulders.
  • MASSAGE TECHNIQUES: uDiva 2 Smart Sofa body massager has varied massage techniques like knead, roll, tap and dual techniques. These techniques are professionally crafted to offer a unique and desired massage experience.
  • HYPER-POWER FOOT MASSAGE TECHNOLOGY: uDiva 2 Smart Sofa full body sofa massager helps to ease deep-seated aches for your tired calves, ankles and feet. Powerful squeeze-and-knead massage that relieves tensions and promotes circulation.

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