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10 easy ways to make yourself happy everyday

Written by Her World Plus   We all want to be happier, right? Well, it’s easier than you think… Here are 10 easy things you can do that will help sort out your worries and put you on the path to happiness.   Living in a fast-paced city like Singapore, we are always rushing through life and often neglect our personal happiness whether it’s too much work, family issues or not enough time for exercise. We end up frustrated, unmotivated and sometimes we even [...]


10 Easy Ways To Manage Stress

10 Easy Ways To Manage Stress Everyone experiences stress as a result of the life demands that we manage from day to day. Whilst stress can motivate us and help us achieve our goals, when experienced at high levels or for long periods of time it can have a negative effect on your health. While it may not be possible to eliminate all the stresses in your life, you could seek out ways to manage stress in your daily life. Here [...]