5 Ways Working Mums Can Relax At Home

5 Ways Working Mums Can Relax At Home

Written by  The Singapore Women’s Weekly

After a long week of juggling between work and family responsibilities, it is about time to let off some steam. A weekend getaway to the spa of your dreams with your fellow girlfriends can be quite enticing but if you’re stuck at home, here are the top five ways to take 5:

1. Sunday Funday

…as J. Lo calls it. On weekends, instead of going out, have a mini snuggle party with your kids instead. Have them watch TV or play video games on the bed – you still bond with your kids while on your down time. Having your children safe within your range of sight can set your mind at ease. Less worrying about what they are doing equals more time to kick back freely.


2. Play Some Tunes

Music plays an important role in most of our lives. They set you in the mood or help you soothe your emotions. They have calming properties, and if the genre is right, it can drastically change your mood. Genres like Classical, New Age or Jazz may help. If you’ve got a short fuse, Baroque music can help to organically slow down your heart beat and leave you with a sense of tranquility. Sounds of nature are also proven to have a calming effect as well as atmospheric tunes of the waves, rain and birds to aid in meditation.


3. Meditate

Do the Ohm first, think later. Meditation is one of the most popular hobbies of working mothers. By breathing deeply from the belly it can aid your body in lowering your blood pressure, increasing lung capacity and strengthening the immune system. It helps to rid your mind of any toxic worries while giving you a fresh new perspective of the task at hand. The act of meditation not only helps to recalibrate your life, it also helps you to be a more centered mum. Bonus: If your kids just can’t seem to be sitting still, let them have a try at meditation with you.


4. Laugh It Out

Laughter is the best medicine. True. Busy mums tend to forget how to find joy in day-to-day matters. Most mothers have so much on their hands that often, their smile disappears. However, a couple of good laughing sessions a day can help improve a mother’s mood. It helps to de-stress and is great pick-me-up when the mood is down. Laughing also relaxes those around you, which in turn helps others de-stress too.


5. Bring The Massage Home

You don’t have to go far to find a massage session that’s worth a shot. What you need is a luxurious massage chair at home… and the new OSIM uLove is your answer. It can easily provide the same refreshing feeling you get after a good massage, as its main function is to provide a soothing multi-sensory unwind that will extract any deep-seated knots on your body.

The uLove massage chair has a set of well-crafted lifestyle massage programmes that are perfect for relieving aches in certain areas, or go for the full-on programme for the entire body. For example, the V-Hand 3D Massage with 720 Roller Balls provides the kneads where you need the most, while the Long-Track Massage extends to every inch of your body for top-to-toe pleasure. Couple this with an immersive audio system to calm your mind and a high quality plush leather construction, and you have a massage chair that is like an in-house spa designed to pamper all hardworking women and mums.



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